Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look at what we did!

Sister and I have a new favorite project! Check out the latest release from O and E designs (better business title suggestions welcome).

Wanna help us market them?

Here's a visual timeline of the first bag we made together (caution: sisters + caffeine + past bedtime = goofyness):


  1. Love them! You and Olivia possess enviable skills and creativity. Keep it up...I want to see more pictures...I think you totally have something here.

  2. Hey Emily. Thanks for posting on my blog. It's great to hear you're out there running. And I completely agree with you: A good ensemble is the foundation for a good running life. Don't wear a cotton bra! That's my best advice.

    PS: I love Anne Lamott, too. Kathleen Norris is another writer whose books have challenged me. She's not as cranky, but just as interesting to me.

    Let's grab coffee sometime soon.


  3. We are CRAZY!!! I forgot how goofy we both were that night. Oh good times.. Let's make some more soon (bags and good time)