Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rag Rugs

I've made several rugs this year, crocheting 1-1/2" stips of cloth (mostly sheets from Goodwill). The most time consuming part is cutting the sheets, even with a rotary cutter, and then looping each strip end to end and rolling a big ball of "yarn" from the strips.

Finding color-combinations among sheets is fun. The design of the fabric isn't recognizeable in the finished project, but general solids/patterns/colors coordinate well.

They make fun gifts and it's a good stress reliever to keep my hands busy with fists-full of linty fabric (though clean up is a nightmare).


  1. Ems... have i told you how amazing you are? now about your cool rugs.. there was a lady who sold these at a bazaar, right next to my mom's booth, and she sold out of them. She made a couple of hundred dollars and I have one too. You could make a living off these. Just retire now and make rugs. You'd be a millionaire. (I'm about 50% serious here)

  2. uhh that looks familiar! by the way I love it. we have a hole in the carpet (don't ask) and I put the rug over it and tada! no hole!