Sunday, May 11, 2008

Family Work Day

For Mother's Day, my whole family met at my parent's house and surprised Mom with a day of yard work and decluttering. The emptying nest is a little worse-for-wear since three of us kids have moved out and left miscellaneous crap at home. We all pitched in and reorganized
  • An entire closet devoted to board games.
  • Kitchen cabinets filled with water bottles, aluminum bread pans, and cookie cutters we haven't used since 1984.
  • The "homeschool closet" with random craft supplies from the old days of magazine-clipping-collages, dioramas and posterboard presentations. We chucked a collection of shells, cases of beads, rubber stamps, cardboard, and paint supplies.
For years, we operated with the motto, "You never know when this may come in handy!" Turns out, that's exactly when we used our accumulated stock pile: never. We carted off a pick-up truck full of Goodwill donations and had a bonfire of yard waste. We spruced up the flower beds and replanted Mom's hanging baskets. The house looks so much better! Many hands make light work and the seven of us had fun together. By lunchtime, we'd polished off a flat of Costco muffins and three pots of coffee. For dinner we celebrated a job well done with barbecued burgers with all the fixings.

Dad uprooting the wisteria

Mom on the new garden walk-way

Ian dismantling the giant branch that broke in the last windstorm (turns out the branch was weakend by a rope we tied around it as kids a decade ago)

Elliot, ready for ignition

Celebratory cigarNo smokes for the minor (Alex said, "Elliot, you can make your own out of sticks.") Notice the hand-held leaf blower: used by my brothers to stoke the fire.Success! Burn pile is reduced to embers

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