Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've become a cat person

Rajah is J's kitty of 14 years. For an old cat, he is still pretty spry. He is very sweet and loves attention. This morning he sat on the counter while I made coffee and meowed until I pet him. Raj has slowly allowed me to be part of the family, but I'm definitely second choice to his favorite human, J. Don't mention kitty food unless you're prepared to serve Rajah his own plateful.

Ivan joined our little family last summer. For weeks, we'd see him behind our apartment, roaming and exploring. He sat outside our sliding glass door, looking inside. We would announce "Whitekitty is here!" and give him a little food and lots of lovin'. Since no one claimed him and he had no ID, we brought him inside. We're so glad he chose us. He certainly chose wisely, because he lives in the lap of luxury now! He sometimes gets restless and tears around the apartment but usually he's low-key and just enjoys being with us.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the beginning was the Blog.

I'm bored with Facebook and MySpace. I can't keep up with everybody's comings and goings. All the ads and applications distract me. I'd rather stay in touch with my friends directly. As a result, I will make my life an open book (of sorts) and allow you, gentle reader, to know me as I describe myself by blog.

Since I like to process things by writing about them, a blog is awfully handy.